Long-finned pilot whales in England

This 16 November video from England is called Whale herding on the River Medway.

ITV from England writes about this:

17 November 2014 at 5:40pm

Nearly 30 [long-finned] pilot whales spotted in River Medway

Video footage has captured the moment 28 pilot whales swam towards Sheerness yesterday.

The mammals were a mile out in waters off Garrison Point when a river maintenance crew was called to help at 11am to herd them back out to sea.

Sheerness Lifeboat was also on hand to steer the whales away from the busy shipping lane and possible danger.

The operation continued until 5.30pm. By that time, the whales had been escorted a further three miles out to sea and were no longer visible.

Dave Redwood, a member of the Briggs Marine crew based at Peel Ports, posted the video on YouTube.

There have been no reports of any further sightings since.

9 thoughts on “Long-finned pilot whales in England

  1. A group of pilot whales spotted off the Essex coast are being herded out into deeper water to stop them from stranding.

    The 40-strong pod have been spotted just a mile offshore and have been sheltering near the Blackwater Estuary.

    Boats are being used by British Divers Marine Life Rescue and Essex police’s marine unit to try to herd the whales further out to sea as the estuary has a number of mud and sand flats.

    This could lead to the pod, which was initially spotted off the Norfolk coast, becoming stranded when the tide goes out.

    Members of the public have been asked to keep their distance to stop the animals from becoming upset.



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