Rare squid beaches in Belgium

This video, recorded in the Caribbean, says about itself:

Rare Glimpse of a Neon Flying Squid

28 October 2013

The Nautilus team spotted this fast Neon Flying Squid woosh past Argus Cam on their dive to Montserrat.

VLIZ & Natuurpunt (Belgium) reported on Saturday 15 November 2014 (translated):

An European flying squid was found Tuesday on the beach of Nieuwpoort. This squid species lives normally lives far away at sea and visits coastal waters only rarely. A find on a beach is very remarkable. Possibly the extraordinary observation has a connection with the pod of long-finned pilot whales which was spotted yesterday off the coast.

Long-finned pilot whales feed on squid.

18 thoughts on “Rare squid beaches in Belgium

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