British pensioners hide their fuel poverty from their families

This video from England is called Fuel poverty in the West Midlands.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Elderly hide fact they cannot afford heating from family

Friday 14th November 2014

A QUARTER of elderly people hide the fact that they cannot afford to put the heating on, polls by YouGov and Facts UK revealed yesterday.

They also found that 10 per cent of elderly people heat their homes for visitors — then turn the boiler off when they leave.

A poll by revealed that 20 per cent of over-65s do not heat their homes for fear of unpayable bills, 34 per cent ration their heating and 4 per cent cut back on food, opting instead to heat their homes.

“We know that the rising cost of energy bills over the winter period is a worry, particularly for the vulnerable in society like the elderly,” said head of energy James Padmore.

The organisation is working with charity Friends of the Elderly to help older people with energy efficiency.

13 thoughts on “British pensioners hide their fuel poverty from their families

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