Protest against G4S mercenaries in England

This 2013 video from Britain is called Serious Fraud Office to investigate G4S, Serco.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

PROTEST: Campaigners will lobby Manchester Council over its use of disgraced security firm G4S on Wednesday.

G4S has been spotlighted for involvement in Israel’s prison system and Britain’s detention and deportation of asylum-seekers.

The Labour-controlled council has refused to accept a petition against its use of G4S to provide security at public buildings and events.

Manchester Stop G4S plans to lobby the council’s executive from 8.30am to 10am in Albert Square.

SECURITY INDUSTRY BOOMS “America’s preoccupation with safety and struggle with high-profile shootings has resulted in a boom in the number of security guards and private patrol officers. More than 680,000 work in the field, federal labor statistics show, a 20 percent increase since 2004. The security industry has grown four times faster than the private-sector labor market over that period.” [WaPo]

12 thoughts on “Protest against G4S mercenaries in England

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