New conservative Japanese minister in sex scandal

This video says about itself:

Japan: Two ministers quit government within hours amid political scandals

20 October 2014

A second female minister has resigned from Japan’s government amid a political scandal, dealing a further blow to Shinzo Abe’s conservative administration.

Justice Minister Midori Matsushima stood down over claims she had violated election laws.

Hours earlier, Trade Minister Yuko Obuchi, 40, the daughter of a prime minister and tipped as a future contender to become Japan’s first female premier, said she was standing down after allegations that her support groups misused political funds.

According to Reuters news agency, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan has a ‘conservative agenda including promoting traditional family values and a less apologetic view of Japan’s wartime past.’

In ‘promoting traditional family values’, the Abe administration seems to be similar to the Thatcher and Major Conservative administrations in Britain. These cracked down on LGBTQ people in the name of ‘family values’; while, meanwhile, hobnobbing with serial child abuser and necrophiliac Sir Jimmy Savile; and having one minister in a sex scandal after another.

Shinzo Abe‘s party also seems to have a similarity to Silvio Berlusconi‘s party in Italy. A party which banned women from wearing miniskirts; while Prime Minister Berlusconi had sex with child prostitutes.

Translated from RTL TV in the Netherlands today:

Japanese minister discredited by visit to SM club

The new Japanese Trade Minister Yoichi Miyazawa has become discredited by the declaration behavior of employees of an organization affiliated to him. They were found to have visited an SM club.

Miyazawa acknowledged that employees have visited the bar in Hiroshima, where scantily clad women are tied up and beaten with whips. “It is true that the money was spent,” said the minister. “But I did not go there myself. That is also true.”

The employees spent about 130 euros in the bar. The minister said that declaration had been reimbursed incorrectly. The incident is painful for the scandal-plagued government of Prime Minister Abe. Thus, the predecessor of Miyazawa earlier this week had to step down after she was accused of abuse of campaign money.

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