Hitler and Mussolini coffee creamer in Switzerland

This video is called Hitler’s Holocaust 4 of 6, Death Factory.

And this video is called Mussolini’s dirty war.

After eating cats and dogs in Switzerland … now, drinking fascist coffee.

Hitler coffee milk

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Hitler on Swiss coffee creamer

Thursday Oct 23, 2014, 15:53 ​​(Update: 23-10-14, 15:59)

Stir in Swiss cafes: creamer cups with portraits of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini surfaced there. The Swiss supermarket chain Migros, whose subsidiary Elsa is distributing the cups handles, reacts horrified. The producer of the images does not.

Understand the commotion

The issue came to light when a Swiss man ordered coffee at a station. On the creamer was a picture of Hitler. The man was horrified by it and sent a photo to the newspaper 20 Minuten.

Unforgivable error

[Migros’] Subsidiary Elsa had commissioned a third party, Karo Versand, to make 55 new images for creamer cups. Elsa had checked the result insufficiently. “An unforgivable error” can be read on the Migros website.

“No one thought it strange”

Producer Karo Versand thinks the criticism is exaggerated. On the new cups more images of historical figures are used, and director Peter Wälchi thinks that you can not ignore the era of Hitler and Mussolini.

The company has acquired the images of the dictators, in their own words, from old cigar bands. “None at our company found a portrait of Hitler strange or offensive,” said Wälchi.

1200 cups

The creamer with Hitler and Mussolini images is served in cafes and restaurants across the country. The cups are not for sale in the supermarket. In total, about 1200 cups with the portraits were in circulation. These are now being removed from the market. “Waste of food,” says Wälchi. Migros has terminated its collaboration with Karo Versand.

Cult status

Labels of creamer cups have cult status in Switzerland. … Karo Versand is specialized in producing the images.

The incident recalls a similar event earlier this year, when a German furniture business accidentally sold mugs with pictures of Hitler.

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