Indonesian widows get Dutch compensation for murdered husbands

Sulawesi war widows, photo by NOS

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Widows of Sulawesi get money

Thursday 16 Oct 2014, 12:26 (Update: 16-10-14, 12:32)

The Netherlands has paid compensation to eight widows of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Their men were summarily executed during the police actions in the nineteen forties.

Police actions‘ is a Dutch governmental euphemism for Dutch military offensives to stop Indonesian independence during the 1945-1949 war.

They will get 20,000 euros per person.

Last year it was established that the widows are entitled to the money. The Dutch State also offered an official apology for the executions. There is still a lawsuit over whether women are also entitled to a reimbursement of their legal costs.

The judgment of last year was about nine widows. One of them is now deceased. Other women who have lost their husbands through execution can get 20,000 euros as well. According to the Foreign Affairs department so far 21 of them have submitted claims.

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