Saudi crucifixion death penalty for free speech

This video says says about itself:

Live execution by beheading in Saudi Arabia. WARNING GRAPHIC!!!!

Execution of Indonesian woman Ruyati Binti Sapubi by a single stroke of the sword taking the head clean off (June 18 2011).

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Saudi court hands death sentence to Shia cleric

Wednesday 15th Ovtober 2014

A SAUDI Arabian court sentenced Shia cleric Sheik Nimr al-Nimr to death today, setting what his family described as “a dangerous precedent.”

Mr Nimr was accused of “sedition” because of his vocal support for Bahrain’s 2011 Shia uprising, which was violently suppressed by the Saudi armed forces.

He did not deny the political charges but insisted he had never carried weapons or called for violent resistance to Saudi Arabia’s fundamentalist Sunni monarchy.

But unmoved prosecutors called for “execution followed by crucifixion.”

Defence lawyers were unable to cross-examine prosecution witnesses as they were not told when the hearing involving them took place.

Two of Mr Nimr’s brothers were arrested after the trial — Mohammed al-Nimr, who announced the verdict on Twitter, and Jaafar al-Nimr, who was detained after going to police to ask what had happened to Mohammed.

Saudi activist Jaafar al-Shayeb said the verdict might spark unrest in parts of eastern Saudi Arabia populated by Shias.

26 thoughts on “Saudi crucifixion death penalty for free speech

  1. I have no words …. it’s impacting. Indeed .. this day and age. I suspect it’s commonplace there.
    Sad … the pain and suffering we humans inflict on all we touch! 😦


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  4. SAUDI ARABIA: Official sources confirmed the deaths of five Shi’ite worshippers today after masked gunmen opened fire on a shrine in the east of the country.
    The massacre took place in the village of al-Dalwah, al-Ahsa province, which is one of the main centres for Saudi Arabia’s minority Shi’ite community.
    The official Saudi Press Agency said that the worshippers had been marking Ashoura, the commemoration of the death of Imam Hussein in the 7th century.


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