Origins of ISIS, by Noam Chomsky

This video from the USA, from the MIT Armenian Society, says about itself:

Professor Chomsky Lecture with MIT Armenian Society

4 October 2014

An interview of Professor Noam Chomsky of MIT by David Barsamian. The interview takes us on a general overview of the state of the Middle East, and the role that Turkey has played in it. Covering the origins of ISIS all the way to the Kurdish issues in Turkey, Professor Chomsky gives us a glimpse of the complex politics of the area and his opinion on the future moving forward.

Kurds in Norwich, England demonstrate against Turkish governmental pro-ISIS policies

Despite denials from the White House, pressure is mounting for the United States to commit ground troops to Iraq and Syria, ostensibly to stem the advances of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militias: here.

Obama’s new oil wars. Washington takes on ISIS, Iran, and Russia: here.

As Vice President Joe Biden warns it will take a “hell of a long fight” for the United States to stop militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, we speak to Jeremy Scahill, author of the book, “Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield.” We talk about how the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 that helped create the threat now posed by the Islamic State: here.

13 thoughts on “Origins of ISIS, by Noam Chomsky

  1. Meanwhile, printed in the Turkish newspaper ‘Today’s Zaman’ is an editorial by Bulent Kenes entitled: ‘A Nation Fast Asleep Amid War Cries’.

    In his editorial he writes of the Turkish government ‘dragging the country towards a disaster from which the country will not be able to recover for many years to come’.

    It states: ‘The war is right next door to our country, and we can clearly hear the war cries.

    ‘One would need to be totally blind and deaf in order not to hear the war cries and alarm bells and not to be horrified by the potential disasters.

    The editorial concludes: ‘The ruling mentality has totally abandoned the policy of reinforcing the country and making it prosper as a whole and, instead, set on monopolising all the power in the country with an urge for an egocentric concentration of power.

    ‘As you know, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc previously stated that he did not know of any Cabinet decision regarding Kimse Yok Mu (aid and humanitarian relief charity), but it soon became clear that he had personally undersigned the decision. However, Arinc opted to act in a hard-boiled manner in the face of this apparent contradiction.

    ‘On September 30, Arinc publicly lied on a live broadcast programme, saying, “I didn’t hear about such a decision,” but when his lie became obvious, he opted for a scandalous self-defence to cover up his lie: “As I undersigned the decision about Kimse Yok Mu, I was in no position to ask, “What’s happening? Why is this happening? Why on earth is this happening?” for hours … Of course, we read the beginning of the decision, but we didn’t think about it in depth … I don’t care about Kimse Yok Mu, but you should …”

    ‘As you can see, even Cabinet members fail to read the texts bearing their signatures, and the government’s deputies in Parliament automatically approve government-introduced bills without questioning; and the government is taking the entire country to war.

    ‘The ruling party – which lost its secrets to the German, UK and US secret services – is dragging the country towards a disaster from which the country will not be able to recover for many years to come.

    ‘Our government officials are grabbing with four hands any anti-Assad group, just because they seek to make Assad go at any price. But the ties of our government officials with radical organisations are best known to themselves and those who closely monitor them. These secrets, unknown to us, but known to both sides, and which we can guess at with pretty good accuracy, have virtually taken Turkey hostage.

    ‘Add empty courage to this enforced slavery and ambition-induced blindness, and you can see how Turkey is running towards a fiasco.

    ‘This ambition-induced blindness is exactly the same lack of foresight that reduced Turkey’s influence in Palestine, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, the Balkans, Europe and elsewhere and made the country suffer defeats, big and small.

    ‘This lot of incompetent but ambitious officials is dreaming of great power based on the blood of Turkish soldiers who will be killed as a result of their decisions, but history teaches us that they will eventually be held responsible for their acts.’


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