Biggest spoonbill flock ever seen in Britain

This video from Azerbaijan is called Eurasian spoonbill.

From Wildlife Extra:

Dorset records largest flock of spoonbills ever seen in Britain

The largest flock of spoonbills ever to be seen in Britain was sighted on the Brownsea Island Lagoon of Dorset last month.

The spoonbill is still rare in the UK, and is listed as Amber status of European conservation concern.

“To have 47 spoonbill in the harbour is a fantastic sight, and goes to show how successful their breeding colonies are doing elsewhere,” says Paul Morton from charity Birds of Poole Harbour.

“After looking at their colouring and from previous years’ data, we suspect they have come from Holland or Belgium. For around 50 years Poole Harbour has only ever had two to three spoonbills during the winter, but this last decade has seen numbers grow year on year as youngsters follow their parents back to their wintering quarters.”

Birdlife appears to be doing well at Brownsea, with 650 Black-tailed Godwits, 1,000 Oystercatchers, and 390 Avocets seen on the Lagoon last month. Numbers of migrating birds in the reserve are predicted to rise in their thousands.

“Every year we are amazed at the sheer number of migrating birds that visit the Brownsea Lagoon,” says Chris Thain, Brownsea Island Reserve Manager for Dorset Wildlife Trust (DWT).

“We are absolutely delighted to see so many spoonbills this year, which is a real treat. It’s a unique sight, which is best seen from the DWT hides for a really up-close view.”

For those unable to visit Brownsea to see the action, you can visit the reserve virtually via webcam at

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