Rupert Murdoch’s transphobic hate-mongering

This video says about itself:

Can You Trust Rupert Murdoch? Russell Brand The Trews (E103)

17 July 2014

Rupert Murdoch has stakes in oil and shale oil companies. In person and through his vast media empire he denies the severity of man-made global warming. But what could he possibly have to gain?

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Australian newspaper’s ‘shemale’ headline about murder victim Mayang Prasetyo sparks outrage

The paper has been criticised for front page on death of Mayang Prasetyo

An Australian newspaper has provoked outrage by calling a murdered transgender woman a “she-male” and a “ladyboy”.

Mayang Prasetyo, from Indonesia, was allegedly murdered and dismembered by her boyfriend Marcus Volke, who killed himself after reportedly being caught “cooking” her remains on Saturday.

The gruesome case was sensationally reported in the Courier-Mail, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp.

Its front page headline on Tuesday read “Monster Chef and the She-Male”, featuring a picture of Ms Prasetyo, 27, in a bikini and an inside story was headlined “Ladyboy and the Butcher”.

As outrage spread on social media, a petition was launched under the name of the Brisbane Trans Community, where the murder took place, demanding an apology from the newspaper.

It had been signed by more than 16,000 people by Tuesday morning.

Quoting the Courier-Mail‘s own code of conduct that stipulates no details of sexual preferences must be included “unless they are relevant”, it argues that the reporting was unnecessary and dehumanising.

The petition continues: “The transgender community experience some of the highest levels of violence in any minority and the propagation, scandalisation and trivialisation of stories like this which diminish a horrific domestic violence crime to a focus on transsexualism (which for the record is no longer the appropriate terminology) does nothing but perpetuate this violent cycle.

News Limited should be deeply ashamed of the terminology used in this story as well as the clear ‘victim blaming’ it implies.”

The paper has changed the online headline to “Killed and cooked trans woman was high-class sex worker”.

Hundreds of people took to social media to criticise the paper, questioning its decision to run bikini photos.

Manoj Subramaniam wrote on Facebook: “The headline this morning is truly disgusting and brings shame to true journalism. An innocent person is killed and this is the best you could come up with? What happened to media ethics?”

Neither the Courier-Mail nor News Corp have responded to criticism but Australia’s Press Council has confirmed it is investigating the Queensland tabloid.

Ms Prasetyo and Volke reportedly met while both working on a cruise ship and started living together in Brisbane, where he was employed as a chef.

She worked as a transgender model and cabaret performer in the city. …

Queensland Police are treating their deaths as a murder-suicide after being called to their flat and discovering human remains in a chemical stew.

Australian media reported that Volke ran from police when they arrived, fleeing through a back door and jumping over a balcony, leaving a smear of blood on a railing.

His body was later found in an industrial bin, where he appeared to have taken his life.

FOX NEWS BUNGLES CAITLYN JENNER COVERAGE “In the hours after Caitlyn Jenner revealed herself Monday on the cover of Vanity Fair, Fox News managed to do everything you’re not supposed to do when covering transgender issues. From offensive jokes to incorrectly referring to Jenner as ‘he’ and ‘him,’ the network displayed either complete ignorance and lack of understanding of the transgender community or total and disgusting transphobia. Or both. Fox Business Network’s Neil Cavuto, for example, opened his ‘Business Alert’ segment by pulling up the Vanity Fair cover and shouting out, ‘What the hell is going on!?’ Reporter Dagen McDowell responded by repeatedly using male pronouns to describe Jenner’s identity. ‘Well, that’s how you transition Bruce Jenner. Let’s give him credit — he is the only person on planet Earth who knows how to one-up his most famous stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian,’ McDowell said.” [Catherine Taibi, HuffPost]

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