Good British rare freshwater fish news

This video from England says about itself:

12 April 2011

A rare species of fish has been moved to higher ground to try to protect it from rising water temperatures.

Llamas were used to transport the endangered vendace 500m up mountain paths to a tarn in the Lake District.

From Wildlife Extra:

Britain’s rarest freshwater fish could be making a comeback

Two adult vendace, a fish that is a relic from the last ice age, have been found in Bassenthwaite Lake in northwest England after more than a decade of being declared ‘locally extinct’.

The finding was the result of an annual fish survey of the Bassenthwaite Lake led by Dr Ian Winfield from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, which has been monitoring the fish community in the lake since 1995, first in collaboration with Environment Agency and now with United Utilities.

During the 2013 fish survey, a single young vendace was recorded. Dr Winfield says this is good news for wildlife in the lake: “Finding adult vendace in 2014 following the recording of a young fish in 2013 is excellent news giving great encouragement to everyone involved in the restoration of Bassenthwaite Lake and its fantastic wildlife.”

Prior to 2013, the last vendace recorded in the lake was in 2001, and the fish remains rare. Only four native populations have been found in the UK, including two lochs in southwest Scotland, and Bassenthwaite Lake and Derwent Water in northwest England.

There are some theories about where the fish came from and how they returned. One theory is that they survived in the lake below the limit of detection for past decade and could be on the increase. The second is that they might recently have arrived there by travelling down River Derwent from the population in Derwent Water.

“The news for Bassenthwaite Lake is about as big as it gets for rare fish,” explains Dr Winfield. “I am certain that other adults remain in the lake. I also think that such fish will spawn this winter, but I’m unsure of how egg incubation will go given persistent sediment problems at the lake.”

Freshwater fish spread plant seeds: here.

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