Horse meat scandal in Britain again

This video is called Inside Story – Horsemeat scandal: Who is to be blamed?

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Sausages 46 per cent horse meat

Saturday 4th october 2014

A food import company has been whacked with a £5,000 fine after selling bangers that were almost 50 per cent horse meat, trading standards announced yesterday.

Kent County Council (KCC) trading standards officers carried out a test purchase at a shop in Dartford in October last year.

Tests on the vacuum-packed Lukanka Chumerna, labelled as pork sausages, revealed that they contained 46 per cent horse meat.

The Bulgarian-manufactured salami product had been imported by Expo Foods Limited, based in Enfield, north London.

A KCC trading standards spokesman said the firm did not test the sample, despite widespread media coverage about undeclared horse meat in various food products.

The company pleaded guilty to a charge under the Food Safety Act at Dartford magistrates’ court, the spokesman added.

As well as being fined £5,000 the firm was ordered to pay £2,500 towards the council’s costs, plus a £120 surcharge.

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