Ukrainian civilians against war

Debaltsevo in Ukraine

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

“Ukrainian soldiers booze too much”

Monday Sep 29 2014, 16:53 (Update: 29-09-14, 17:03)

“As long as we do not need to fight, we are free. Then we can drink,” said a Ukrainian military man. Together with a colleague, he is in a pub in the town Debaltsevo in eastern Ukraine, where recently there has been heavy fighting against the separatists again.

Even if there is no fighting, the military make their mark on everyday life in the city, says the owner of the pub to reporter Gert-Jan Dennekamp. He points to a hole in the bar. “That happens when a drunken soldier has a gun in his hands. If someone would have been standing there, then that person would have been dead now.”


Two months, the Ukrainian military positioned themselves in Debaltsevo. They shoot over the town at the positions of the pro-Russian rebels. Many civilians have fled the city because of the violence. Of the more than 50,000 people, about half are left. They live mainly in shelters beneath the city.

“They came to liberate us, but from what?” cries a woman about Ukrainian soldiers in the city. “We love Ukraine, but why this? The army kills us, and they die themselves as well.” Her house is shot to pieces, but whether that was done by the Ukrainian military or pro-Russian rebels she does not know.

“They call themselves protectors, but I do not know against what they protect us,” a man agrees with her. He also has had more than enough of the Ukrainian military in the city. “It’s a bunch of alcoholics and thieves.”

12 thoughts on “Ukrainian civilians against war

      • I have already seen that fake letter circulating in the internet and written by the “people of the Netherlands”. There is someone who is twisting the facts. Half truth. Ukrainian army is disciplined enough not to walk around drunk. And the phrase “They came to liberate us, but from what?” has never been said about the Ukrainians but about those who truly came from across the border to “liberate”. Those drunken and stoned who terrorise the locals and kidnap the local men and dress them in their uniform. The facts that I am telling you is not something I have read in the papers.


        • The blog post is not about that letter, which I don’t know; but about a report from the correspondent of the NOS, the main TV and radio broadcasters in the Netherlands, interviewing local Ukrainians.


          • I don’t accuse your blog in anything. You just repost what you find. I am saying that the soviet propaganda machine is still running well.
            I mentioned the letter because it came from the same country, the Netherlands. Someone posted it on WordPress, two people reblogged, and then the letter disappeared. It was an “open letter from the people of the Netherlands” expressing their apologies to Putin. Too fake, didn’t work.

            Don’t take it personally, you have a good blog, always interesting news, but politics is a tin ice, especially when some particular countries are involved.


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