Dutch rare sea slug news

This video is about sea slugs in Catalonia in Spain.

Translated from the Dutch Stichting ANEMOON marine biologists:

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

The Aeolidiella alderi sea slug was found on the Dutch coast for the first time in the late autumn of 2012. Since then, it was a rare slug. Only a small number of individuals in the westernmost Oosterschelde estuary were recorded. Very recently, more than one slug was found in the central Oosterschelde near Zierikzee with egg capsules and a single individual near Goes. So, the area where these beautiful sea slug has settled has extended considerably, and it seems the species is reproducing successfully in the Zeeland Delta.

Aeolidiella alderi is a not common slug species on the western European coast. It is known from a limited number of places around the British Isles and at the French coast to the Mediterranean.

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