Scotland against fascism, festival today

This video from Scotland says about itself:

Scottish Defence League links with the far right

25 September 2010

The Scottish Defence League have been complaining that they are unfairly connected to the BNP and the neo nazi far right, claiming that they have no BNP members in the ranks and defintetly no nazis. This short video proves that not only are several members BNP supporters and/or actual members, but that they have at least one active neo nazi in thier numbers.

On Saturday the 18th of September around 15 SDL members tried to have a static demo in Glasgow but were prevented from doing so by a loose collective of anti racists and passers by. The video linked here shows what happened. During the course of the day, several SDL members made racist comments and admitted that they were either active or former members of the neo nazi group The National Front. They have another neo nazi member called HMFC who, unfortunately, was so drunk that he wandered into the antifa lines by mistake and got carted away by the police for his own protection before we could get a clear shot of him. Next time, you moron, make sure you know which side you’re supposed to be on.

By Malcolm Burns in Scotland:

Dundee Together festival: Fascists not welcome now, next month or ever

Saturday 27th September 2014

THE organisers of a festival against racism in Dundee today have issued a warning that fascists are “not welcome in the city now, next month or ever.”

The annual Dundee Together rally celebrates the city’s multicultural traditions and is led by local community groups and trade unions.

Dundee TUC chairman Stuart Fairweather told the Morning Star: “Dundee Together is a peaceful day, it’s all about music and facepainting and people coming together.

“We know the SDL — the so-called Scottish Defence League — are threatening to visit us here in two weeks on October 11, along with their EDL allies from down south.

“We are here to say: No Pasaran. You’re not welcome in our city now, next month or ever — so get back on your buses and get out of here.”

Dundee Together features a parade to the city’s memorial for those who went to fight fascism in the Spanish civil war.

Community groups involved in the festival include the Taught By Muhamed project led by young Muslims.

Co-ordinator Faisal Hussein said: “We highlight the true message of Muhamed which is about social values.”

The group helps to run a food bank with two curry kitchens providing a delivery service which feeds more than 50 homeless people.

Dundee Together organiser Karen Grogan of Unison said music is the centrepiece of this year’s event.

“We have a fantastic line-up of bands — and with Buffalo Soldiers offering up some funky reggae, rocksteady and Jamaican ska, it’s guaranteed to get all in the square dancing.”

Dundee Together takes place in City Square, Dundee from noon until 4pm today (Saturday).

4 thoughts on “Scotland against fascism, festival today

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  3. Scotland: The racist Scottish Defence League were banned by Glasgow council yesterday from disrupting St Andrew’s day celebrations by parading through the city.

    The Scottish TUC has organised a unity march with the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights.
    STUC general secretary Grahame Smith said the racist group’s attempt to organise “confirms the need to redouble our efforts and oppose their message of hate.”


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