Killer of boar piglets, saved from drowning, no longer a gamekeeper

This is a video from Limburg province in the Netherlands, about wild boar piglets which had landed in a canal.

Firefighters then saved them from drowning.

However, as soon as the animals were back on dry land, a gamekeeper killed them.

Limburg province authorities admit the gamekeeper acted illegally.

Translated from a Dutch police press release:

26-09-2014 | 16:21

Weert – Eight wild boars were taken by the fire brigade on Sunday, September 14th out of the South Willemsvaart canal. Five of them were found to be already dead. The three surviving animals were shot on the spot by a gamekeeper. This led to great public commotion.

Police have investigated this affair. This showed that the gamekeeper had not acted in full compliance with rules. He should have gone to the police first, according to the applicable rules.


Under these rules, animals may be killed if there is a threat to public order, to people or to animals. …

In response to all the fuss, the gamekeeper has handed in his Special Police credentials to the police. He will not act as such any more. The police have started an administrative procedure regarding the man’s weapon licence. The man will no longer work as a gamekeeper.

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