Bats at Terschelling island ice rink

This video from the USA is called Bat Biology in Pennsylvania. Part 1 of 2.

And this video is the sequel.

Dutch ecologist Reinier Meijer reports about bats on Terschelling island.

The Dutch Wadden Sea islands are not really good environments for bats, compared to the continental Netherlands, as temperature is often lower and wind is often stronger.

A good place for bats on Terschelling is the Hêdreederplak near Hoorn village. Most of the year, this is a pond. In cold winters, it becomes an ice rink.

Common pipistrelles are a common species at the Hêdreederplak.

Nathusius’ pipistrelles are rather frequent as well.

Serotine bats used to be there as well, but have not been heard by bat detectors there since 2011.

Parti-coloured bats have been recorded since 2012.

Also since 2012, a brown long-eared bat was heard. Probably there was more than one individual, but recording this species is not easy.

Terschelling ice rink update, August 2015: here.

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