No to war in Syria and Iraq, United States people say

This video from the USA says about itself:

ANTIWAR PROTEST IN NEW YORK: Half a million protesters

Half a million protesters against the impending war against Iraq in New York City on Fébruary 15 2003. More than 10 millions demonstrate in the entire world on that International Day against the war.

By Seraphine Collins in the USA:

“War means the people are losing”

Wayne State University students and workers speak out against war

19 September 2014

As the US military launches an open-ended war in Iraq and Syria, a broad section of workers and young people say they feel deeply opposed to war, but their views find no reflection in official politics.

“War is about money, money, money!” Janice Anderson, a liberal arts student at Wayne State University, told an International Youth and Students for Social Equality campaign team at Wayne State University Wednesday.

“There’s plenty of money for war, they say, but none for education,” Anderson added, “I’ve never been this poor. I’m 70 years old, but I’m going to college in order to get another job. I have to work two part time jobs, go to school, and spend 3 or 400 dollars for books that don’t get opened half the time. And they keep taking money away from the education system.”

“Instead of going to war we should be putting money into education and infrastructure, said Joe Fletcher, a Vietnam war veteran and Wayne State University maintenance worker.

“Over the summer we had highways that turned into rivers because of some rain: they have plenty of money to drop bombs on other countries, but they won’t put money into infrastructure. War means the people are losing.”

Anna Gibson, a journalism student, noted the parallel between the drive to war and the attack on democratic rights in the US. “Look at what happened in Ferguson: that wasn’t just a race issue, it was also a class issue. There is so much poverty in the US.”

Jennifer Gray, a social work major, said, “Look at the billions of dollars being sent to fight senseless wars when you’ve got people at home suffering financially. People can’t afford healthcare and you’re going to send money to fight a war in the name of power and control?

“If justice were being served in the US you wouldn’t need the national guard in Ferguson,” she said. I need public assistance for the first time in my life and they’re telling me I don’t qualify because I don’t have any minor children, and I’m still too young to collect social security.”

“I was of age during Vietnam. I opposed it and didn’t fight,” said Ken, a 63-year-old musician, “You don’t see protests like you used to. I think it’s great that you guys are out here,” he told the IYSSE campaigners. “You should keep doing what you’re doing.”

“I don’t think we should be involved in another war,” said DJ, a library monitor at Wayne State University. Our government actually trained and funded Bin Laden. I wonder what the case is with this ISIS group. Where did they really come from?”

A student, who asked to remain anonymous, said “The US government created ISIS; the military-industrial complex created ISIS, and profited from it.”

“Rich people want to wage wars to steal resources, but the rich won’t go to war themselves; that’s what they use the poor for. And what better way is there to get poor people to go fight some war that has nothing to do with them than to put up a propaganda video, like the beheadings of the journalists, in order to get them to think it’s in their interest to fight in these wars?

“Ask any soldier what they were there doing in Afghanistan or Iraq,” he said. “They’ll tell you they stood around guarding oil fields. They weren’t protecting anyone’s freedoms.”

DAVID WOOD: A HARDER AIR WAR: “It’s worth remembering these days — as President Obama declares that air power will be the primary and perhaps only U.S. effort against ISIS in Iraq and Syria — that the impressive Pentagon videos of missile warheads exploding in the crosshairs obscure the difficulty that air power has in achieving positive, lasting effects on the ground. And that the effects of air campaigns diminish over time, as the Germans discovered when their intense bombing of London in 1940 failed to break Britain’s will. Shock and awe are short-lived.” [HuffPost]

In a series of statements contradicting the president’s vow of no new “ground war” in Iraq, the Pentagon’s top brass has come close to insubordination: here.

USA: According to former Secretary of Defence Robert Gates, boots on the ground are needed to fully defeat ISIS in Syria. [NYT]

France bombs ISIS targets in Iraq: here.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko addressed a joint session of the United States Congress on Thursday morning, calling for increased military assistance from the United States to defeat the pro-Russian separatist movement in the east: here.

17 thoughts on “No to war in Syria and Iraq, United States people say

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  2. Dear fellow progressive,

    On Wednesday I voted along with 155 my colleagues — Democrat and Republican alike — against authorizing training and arming Syrian rebels to fight against the Islamic State.

    I was disappointed that an action that expands our role in a 13-years-long conflict was merely tacked on to a spending bill. I was disappointed that debate on the bill failed to consider diplomatic and regionally-led solutions that could help us “degrade and destroy” the Islamic State. Mostly, I was disappointed that the U.S. has conducted nearly 3,000 missions and more than 150 air strikes and has deployed more than 1,000 troops already — and Congress has not voted on any of it.

    That’s why I voted no.
    Will you stand with me in calling for Congress to
    vote on expanding military action?

    Proponents of the current action painted it as a simple up-or-down vote on aiding members of the Free Syrian Army. But it is far from simple. If 13 years of intervention in the region have taught us anything, it’s that no military action is simple, and all military actions have far-reaching consequences.

    Will you join me in telling Congress to
    vote in full on the expansion of military action in Iraq and Syria?

    Ultimately, 273 of my colleagues — again, both Democrat and Republican — voted yes, and the Senate agreed last night. We must have a full debate and vote on the further use of military force. Congress must not shirk its Constitutional requirement and the war-weary American people should demand it.

    Standing strong,

    Barbara Lee
    Member of Congress


  3. I suggest it is not so much money for war but war for money, we can see how their are two tiers of society, one is the will of the people as a idea, some call this democracy, the second tier is the denial of the rights of the people that are denied any influence as to what the majority of people want, as the Australian general said in the ABC, TV, interview, I do not have morals that interfere with the orders given, this ability to avoid any moral decisions, being over ridden by it is only my job, this hierarchy is how the controlling elite deal with morality, as such the repercussions of the individual who is move to act as a moral entity, are serious punishment, as can be seen by people that have been motivated by conscience, such as Edward Snowden, here you can see the controlling elite having powers that are corrupt, can harm individuals who enlighten society, showing as example the subversive nature of this form of government that are not to be trusted by the people.
    It is debatable as to whether beheading of recent of two Western people, as this can be a subversive exercise of the controlling elite to control perception of the people, if examples such as the Twin Towers were a inside job as many suggest, we now have to look at our government as a subversive organization who can never be trusted.
    We see in Britain, the fear of the Scottish, now in a state of disgrace, to acquiesce to Whitehall, and having been cowered by the fear process that people such as Cameron, having instigated, leaving the choice to future generation Scots, who will have a greater sense of their destiny, the ancestors of the Scottish, would be appalled by the cowardly act of the present generation decision.
    We all have work to change the present authorities in power who are no more than paid lackeys of the financiers, it is to the credit those who lay down their life to change the present powers that are the exploitive military, that follow the orders of the power structure.
    Whether the Jews will eventually with allies of America, Britain, and France, all having orders from the Jewish hierarchy, to destroy the Arab culture, it is my hope the Arabs will fight the evil forces that at present are trespassing not only of land and resources, but the destruction of Arab men and women, and all that is in their culture.


    • I most strongly dissociate myself from the last paragraph.

      The world is not ruled by “the Jewish hierarchy”, but by CAPITALIST hierarchies. Most capitalists are not Jewish; most Jews are not capitalists.

      Ant-Semitism, Islamophobia, anti-African bigotry and other forms of racism are not welcome at this blog. They will be deleted.


      • I am sorry to have offended you, I always forget that on this blog I must keep away from certain issues I believe.
        I am not sure how this word came about as i have forgotten the origins, but do know in part the original word is not what it became known as this impugned meaning, can you say a word that is applied to any other culture or country that has this same meaning as you mean? can you say if you are of this culture or have associations with this group? its just that I have a inquiring mind that knows no bounds other that within the limits of what my brain is as its limits, prohibit barriers that I cannot comprehend, such as the history of the atomic structure that I am, and how the quantum physics created this formulation of my atomic structure, meaning my history is in the beginning of the Universe, and if this is the analysis of my physical self, means I have no choice, what I mean is my existence has already been created, and their fore what ever I think or what ever I dream has already been written, in one way I can say this letter is not my letter to you, other than if every thing is in a parallel state as in quantum mechanics, that I am responsible for this letter or not.


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