13 thoughts on “United States taxpayers’ money for Syrian jihadists

  1. Dear fellow progressive,

    Yesterday marked the 13th anniversary of my vote against the Authorization for Use of Military Force, the bill that laid the groundwork for the state of endless war in which we now find ourselves. As we draw up plans to confront ISIS we are reminded unfortunately of the chaos that ensues when we act without considering all options. Congress must debate and vote on a separate use of force resolution if military strikes continue.

    Will you join me in calling on Congress to
    debate and vote on the use of force?
    Sign the petition at


    I will express today the same sentiment I expressed 13 years ago: restraint. It’s clear that ISIS represents a real threat to the region: They gruesomely murder journalists and kill other innocents with impunity. But we can’t act without engaging in a robust debate: on the airwaves, with our allies and most importantly, on the floor in Congress.

    Tell Congress:
    We need more debate on the use of force.
    Sign the petition at


    It is a fitting time for the American people to weigh in on the costs and benefits of another military action abroad. We have learned so much in the last 13 years, and we must use that knowledge to guide us toward making a choice that best reflects our national security interests.

    For Progress,

    Barbara Lee
    Member of Congress


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