Whaling conference in Slovenia, 15 September

This video is called Killer Whales | Deadly But Social and Smart | Documentary.

From Wildlife Extra:

International Whaling Commission to meet in Slovenia on 15 September

The 65th meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) will begin on 15 September in Portoroz, Slovenia.

Pro-conservation countries and organisations are once again preparing to take on Japan and other pro-whaling nations.

The fight will be over the integrity of the global commercial whaling moratorium that has spared tens of thousands of whales from the harpoon since 1982.

Top priorities for organisations such the Humane Society International (HIS) and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) include urging whale-friendly governments to increase pressure for stronger protection for whales and turn back efforts to dilute the worldwide commercial whaling moratorium.

Encouragement will also be given to the IWC Commissioners to take all necessary steps to prevent Japan from further whaling in light of the International Court of Justice’s March 2014 judgment that Japan’s Antarctic whaling did not qualify as scientific research and thus undermined the moratorium.

There is also opposition to Japan’s attempts to create a new category of coastal whaling and Greenland’s proposal to expand aboriginal (subsistence) whaling, both of which would allow commercial sale of whale meat and similarly threaten to undermine the moratorium.

HSI Vice President Kitty Block said: “This year we intend to press all of the nations whose citizens care about whales to exert strong leadership in halting the spread of new whaling proposals.

“We will challenge IWC Commissioners to adopt an agenda that extends beyond whaling to the broader range of threats that imperil whales throughout our oceans.”

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