Birds in the USA, new report

This video from the USA is called The State of the Birds 2014 report.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA:

State of the Birds Report: Conservation Works, but There’s More Work to Do

This week, the Cornell Lab and partners released the 2014 State of the Birds Report. The report commemorates Martha, the world’s last Passenger Pigeon, whose tragic passing 100 years ago spurred the creation of the world’s greatest conservation movement.

In the last century we’ve saved Wood Ducks and Bald Eagles, Kirtland’s Warblers and Brown Pelicans, and more. The new report offers the most comprehensive review of long-term trend data for U.S. birds ever, identifying a Watch List of 228 high-concern species as well as 33 Common Birds in Steep Decline to begin conserving now. See the full report and download the lists.

12 thoughts on “Birds in the USA, new report

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