Young herring gull in botanical garden

Herring gull, 8 September 2014

This is one of four cellphone photos in this blog post of a young herring gull on 8 September 2014. Swimming in the canal, it came closer and closer. Then, it walked up the bank near the old astronomical observatory in the botanical garden.

Herring gull, on 8 September 2014

It came closer and closer to the bench where we sat.

Herring gull close up, on 8 September 2014

And still closer. It even tried whether shoe laces are edible.

Herring gull and bench, 8 September 2014

Before we met that gull, we had seen that the botanical garden axolotls are again on show after the reconstruction of the hothouses, now in the orchid hothouse.

In the brook, pondskaters.

6 thoughts on “Young herring gull in botanical garden

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