Turkish construction workers die, protest suppressed

This video, recorded today in Istanbul, Turkey is about police tear gas and water cannon against people protesting against the deaths of construction workers.

After Turkish governmental violence against protests against the deaths of hundreds of miners, now this, against another protest against lethal work conditions …

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Sunday Sep 7 2014, 21:30 (Update: 07-09-14, 21:38)

In Istanbul, riots erupted during a protest march against the poor working conditions on construction sites in Turkey. More than a thousand people took to the streets after the death of ten construction workers. Police used tear gas and water cannons against the protesters.

Last night the construction workers were killed in an accident with a lift. They were working in an apartment under construction. After their work, they took the elevator, but that did not work and plunged 32 floors down.

FOOD workers’ international IUF urged trade unionists across the world today to send solidarity to Turkish dairy workers battling for their rights against management intimidation: here.

16 thoughts on “Turkish construction workers die, protest suppressed

  1. Construction workers at Istanbul complex protest workplace deaths

    Dozens of construction workers blocked a road in the Halkalı neighbourhood of Istanbul on Monday, two days after an elevator collapse killed 10 co-workers at the site of a lavish new tower complex in the central area of Mecidiyeköy.

    The workers at the Tema Park residential project, a suburban complex on the European side of Istanbul, denounced their working conditions as “inhumane”, saying the meals provided by the construction company contained parasites and worms. Hurriyet Daily News commented, “The deaths of 10 workers after an elevator plunged from the 32nd floor on Sept. 6 caused indignation, especially after the construction company, Torunlar, refused to accept responsibility for the accident. The incident also prompted the public to question Turkey’s construction boom in recent years, particularly in Istanbul, where huge residential complex projects are spreading rapidly across the city.”

    After two days of negotiations following a broader public outcry over construction workers’ safety and living conditions, the striking workers’ 14-point demand request conveyed through lawyers was formally accepted by the company. The deal commits the construction company to monitoring subcontractors and requests that they do not cut expenses regarding work safety material from the wages of workers, which is a common practice.



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