11 thoughts on “Guns, not butter in Germany

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  2. the economic starvation of the working class, would encourage the working class to join military, for shelter, food, and basics, the cultural indoctrination of the working class, in diversions, such as drugs, entertainment as gambling, and so on, the main assault on the working class is to divert the possibility of thinking it out, the educated so to speak would exclude the same from participating in education and would be useful to the ruling class in oppression, this is a natural outcome of the educated to be worried if the working class stepped beyond their station, naturally the egos are all part of the picture, not only do the working class have a aversion to education, also the middle class have their pride in keeping the status quo, all in all, it all adds up to violence, that most either wittingly or not, contribute to violence.
    The set up of society ensures all are implicated in war, as in taxation for military and also financial advisers, are evasive on depositing peoples money in militaristic investment.


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