Welsh opposition to NATO summit continues

This video says about itself:

Newport anti-Nato protest march

30 August 2014

Interview with leader of the Wales Green Party Pippa Bartolotti at the Newport anti-Nato protest march.

By Paddy McGuffin in Wales:

Newport says No to Nato warmongers

Friday 5th September 2014

Hundreds of protesters took part in a march in Newport yesterday against the ongoing Nato summit.

Around 500 people marched from the Cenotaph in the city centre towards the Celtic Manor venue, where the world leaders are meeting.

They shouted: “No to Nato, no new wars” and “They say warfare, we say welfare.”

The protests, which began last weekend, are in opposition not just to the cost to Britain of hosting the summit but Nato’s military intervention in the Middle East and elsewhere, which peace campaigners argue has exacerbated rather than calmed conflicts around the globe.

The two-day summit in south Wales commenced yesterday with the ongoing crises in Ukraine and Iraq expected to dominate the agenda.

Around 60 world leaders are attending the summit amid tight security, which has seen over 9,000 police drafted in from all 43 of Britain’s forces and the venue ringed by a 12-mile wall of steel.

An estimated 20,000 protesters have descended on south Wales over the last week in opposition to the summit.

CND general secretary Kate Hudson, who was one of a 12-member delegation permitted to briefly enter the ring of steel to present their views, said: “From the ‘No To Nato’ protests to the widespread local resentment, it is clear that Nato is notwelcome in Newport.

“Its consistent rejection of peaceful solutions and its ‘first use’ nuclear policy destabilise rather than promote global security and put millions at risk around the globe.

“At a time when people are being forced to accept austerity, the UK’s military spending continues to contribute to its Nato obligations.

“Many taxpayers don’t want their money to support such an aggressive and interventionist organisation that does nothing to create global security.

“Beyond those protesting in Newport, millions of people around the world say no to US-Nato nuclear weapons on European soil and to ruinous wars of aggression.”

Welsh Green Party leader Pippa Bartolotti, who was also part of the delegation, told world leaders to “change direction, stop looking for a military answer and worry about the kind of diplomacy you are engaged in because it is dirty and it is all about geopolitical gain and not about building bridges,” she said.

She also praised the 500-strong crowd who had marched from the city centre to the fence.

“I am absolutely amazed at the turnout as it is a working day. None of these people are being paid to be here,” she said.

“They are here because they understand so many of the issues and we are all determined to turn around the attitude this government and Nato has been taking with this aggressive diplomacy around the world.

“We need to stop.”

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