Rare moss in Dutch canal

This video about mosses is called Nonvascular Plants | Biology.

Translated from the Dutch BLWG bryologists:

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

Last summer Purple-fringed Riccia moss was found massively in the Overijssel canal, east of Zwolle. Purple-fringed Riccia is a moss species floating on the water which occurs mainly in the Dutch big rivers and in the fen regions. From the surrounding area, the species was not previously known. Purple-fringed Riccia is an indicator of clean water.

The discoverer of the species, Melchior van Tweel, found the Purple-fringed Riccia (Ricciocarpos natans) during a cycling holiday in Lemelerveld village along the Overijssel canal.

6 thoughts on “Rare moss in Dutch canal

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