Mining bosses attack Dominican Republic wildlife

This is a video, in Spanish, about the beautiful Loma Miranda region in the Dominican Republic, threatened by mining bosses.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Medina caves to mining company pressure on park

Thursday 4th September 2014

President bows to Glencore pressure

PRESIDENT Danilo Medina buckled to lobbying by mining transnational Glencore Xstrata on Tuesday and vetoed a proposal to create a new national park.

The Loma Miranda National Park would have blocked the expansion of a nickel mine in the forested mountains in the centre of the country, where Glencore was seeking to expand its mining operations.

Mr Medina sent the measure back to the senate with a letter voicing “serious doubts” about the effects of the proposed creation of the national park.

He insisted that his veto did not indicate approval for mining at Loma Miranda and that the project would only be authorised “after they have completed all the required environmental impact studies.”

However, Glencore has previously threatened to close its Falcondo nickel mine in about four years if it is not able to expand to into the Loma Miranda area.

This video is called Birds and Nature of the Dominican Republic.

Miner and union chief negotiator Jessie Green talks to the Star about how mining giant Glencore has locked out 450 workers at its Texas plant – and how they’re fighting back: here.

7 thoughts on “Mining bosses attack Dominican Republic wildlife

  1. The mining companies must leave the area in pristine order the way they found it before their undertakings. It may cut into profits but it is part of doing business.


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