Ferguson, USA keeps fighting for justice

This video is called Residents of Ferguson march for justice three weeks after fatal police shooting of Michael Brown.

By Gabriel Black in the USA:

New protest in Ferguson, Missouri over police murder

2 September 2014

Nearly a thousand people participated in a march Saturday in Ferguson, Missouri as part of the ongoing protests over the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown by a police officer on August 9.

Three weeks after the police murder, hundreds of residents marched through heavy rain and high heat carrying signs and chanting slogans. Pictures and YouTube videos of the march show the predominance of young people at the event—many unaccompanied by their parents. On-the-spot reports described the march as being the largest daytime protest so far.

The turnout demonstrates how widespread the anger is over the youth’s slaying and the violent state repression of protests that followed. …

In contrast to previous protests that started later and continued into the night, the march Saturday began early in the day at 10 a.m. Beginning at a parking lot, protesters marched to the site of where police Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown. Brown’s family circled around the spot where Michael died and a preacher and a Muslim clergy member gave prayers.

From there, the crowd marched to a park where organizers of the event, which included the Nation of Islam, the NAACP, the Green Party, and the New Black Panther Party, had been given a tent and stage by the St. Louis County Parks Department.

The militarized police forces that descended on Ferguson were notably absent. Days earlier police and army personnel, clad with assault rifles, armored vehicles, and high-tech riot gear, had shot at protesters with flash-bang grenades, tear gas, and rubber bullets—arresting hundreds. …

One speaker voiced regret that Obama was not present, saying, “We want him to come here. He remarked that he didn’t have a strategy for ISIS and Syria, but we need a strategy for urban America.”

Akbar Muhammad, a leading assistant to Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, said the “authorities” had “already seen the whole world look at the missteps that they made, how they handled the black community like an army going to war in Iraq.” He went on to suggest, “If they had any sense, they will handle it in a tactful manner.” He concluded with an appeal to Obama, saying, “We expect the federal government, the president, to step in and see what’s happening inside these police departments.”

Another organizer of the event, the No FEAR Coalition, made a statement, leading up to the event that also expressed why they were organizing the event. A leader in the organization, Marsha Coleman-Abedayo, said, “We need the full support of the Attorney General’s office to make sure that Michael Brown is not simply another name added to the anonymous statistics and meaningless deaths of African-Americans at the mercy of a merciless system.”

JUSTICE DEPARTMENT INVESTIGATING FERGUSON POLICE The Justice Department announced it would be launching a civil rights probe into the department. Michael Brown’s lawyer stated yesterday he had “no juvenile cases involving serious felony charges or convictions, including murder, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.” Missouri Governor Jay Nixon lifted the state of emergency for Ferguson. And this graphic breaks down the racial gaps in police forces across the country.

FERGUSON TO OVERHAUL TRAFFIC STOP SYSTEM “Ferguson City Council plans changes this week that will reduce the importance of traffic fines and fees to the city’s budget, a communications firm representing the St. Louis suburb’s government announced on Monday. The role of revenue from traffic stops in the budgets of towns in the St. Louis region has come under scrutiny since protests over the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown put the area’s anger against police on the national stage. In 2013, for example, Ferguson — which has just over 21,000 residents — issued nearly 33,000 arrest warrants for nonviolent offenses, mostly driving violations.” And thank you for your support of HuffPost’s Ferguson Fellowship, which crowdfunded a reporter to stay on the ground in the St. Louis area for the next year. Due to your generosity, we’ve hit over 100% of our goal a day earlier than the deadline. [HuffPost]

HIGHWAY PROTEST PLANNED FOR FERGUSON: Michael Brown supporters are planning to shutdown highway I-70 today following a contentious Ferguson City Council meeting last night. [Story, Image via NYT]

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee held a hearing Tuesday on federal programs that have funneled billions of dollars in military hardware to state and local police forces. Under the heading “Oversight of Federal Programs for Equipping State and Local Law Enforcement,” the Committee called witnesses from the Defense Department, FEMA, and the Justice Department, as well as numerous “independent” experts, to testify about the militarization of American police as well as the events last month in Ferguson, Missouri: here.

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  1. UNITED STATES: Elected leaders in Ferguson, Missouri, where an unarmed black man was shot dead by a white police officer, were greeted at a Tuesday community meeting with anger and warnings of voter retribution.

    “You’ve lost your authority to govern this community,” said St Louis activist John Chasnoff. “You’re going to have to step aside peacefully if this community is going to heal.”



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