Birds, 100 years after extinction of passenger pigeons

100 years after extinction of passenger pigeons

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA:

August 30, 2014

Look for an important story about bird conservation in this weekend’s New York Times Sunday Review. In his op-ed marking 100 years since the passing of Martha, the last Passenger Pigeon on earth, Cornell Lab of Ornithology director John Fitzpatrick imagines Martha asking, “Have you learned anything from my passing?”

Dr. Fitzpatrick’s answer: yes we have, but we need to do much more. Read about citizen-science efforts, such as eBird, that help scientists track how birds are faring and correct course before species become imperiled. Learn about the 2014 State of the Birds Report, to be released in Washington, DC, on September 9 by the Cornell Lab and partners. Based on citizen-science data, the report highlights which species are rebounding where conservation efforts are working, and which species urgently need our help.

Thank you for your passion for birds and conservation. Your involvement and support are helping to fuel an entirely new conservation movement–one in which thousands of bird watchers, scientists, and concerned citizens are taking action together to help prevent more species from sliding toward extinction.

Please share John Fitzpatrick’s op-ed with your friends, family, and fellow bird lovers to help raise awareness about the plight of birds and how your support of the Cornell Lab is shaping a better future for birds and wildlife.


Miyoko Chu
Senior director of Communications
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

See also here.

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