Holocaust survivors oppose Gaza war, get reaction: ‘Hitler didn’t finish the job’

This video about Hitler’s mass murder of Jews is part of Shoah – a film by Claude Lanzmann, 1985.

By Bill van Auken in the USA:

26 August 2014

In a letter published as an advertisement Saturday in the New York Times, over 350 survivors of the Nazi Holocaust and descendants of survivors issued a stinging condemnation of “the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the ongoing occupation and colonization of historic Palestine.” …

The correctness of this assessment found speedy confirmation in the form of Facebook postings by Israeli rightists telling those who had signed the declaration to “go back to Auschwitz” or “go die in the gas chambers,” and lamenting that “Hitler didn’t finish the job.”

These disgusting reactions to the Holocaust survivors prove that the extreme Right lunatic fringe in Israel, unfortunately, are not any better than the extreme Right lunatic fringe in some Arab countries, or among ‘white nationalist’ anti-Semites in the USA, in Europe or elsewhere.

Indefinite ceasefire commences in Gaza: here.

An Israeli reservist asks: What did I fight for in Gaza? For now, writes the soldier, the well-brought-up Zionist young people continue to show up dutifully for reserve duty. But they are also filled with despair: here.

14 thoughts on “Holocaust survivors oppose Gaza war, get reaction: ‘Hitler didn’t finish the job’

    • These Facebook comments may be a symptom of the wider phenomenon how in war situations, at least with some people, humanitarian values erode.

      Hitler´s nazi regime already in the 1930s sometimes killed Jews and others, and sometimes put Jews and others in concentration camps. However, the millionfold murdering of the Holocaust started only during World War II. One reason more to stop wars and prevent new wars from breaking out.

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  4. Tuesday 19th April 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    QATAR, the United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries that pledged reconstruction aid after Israel’s 2014 ruthless blitz on Gaza have delivered only about half of what they promised.

    The World Bank released a report yesterday on the aid response before donor countries meet today in Brussels.

    Payments fell short of those planned disbursements by around $1.3 billion (£0.91bn).

    If donor funding continues at the current pace, pledges will not be honoured before mid-2019, two years behind schedule.

    More than 2,200 Palestinians were killed during the Israeli assault, over half of them civilians, including hundreds of children.

    About 171,000 homes were destroyed or damaged, leaving 75,000 people homeless.

    At the October 2014 Cairo conference, the international community pledged $3.51bn (£2.46bn) in aid over three years to rebuild Gaza, but only $1.41bn was delivered by March 31 compared with $2.71bn promised.


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