English bird news update

This video from Britain is called Great White Egret at RSPB Old Moor – 23rd May 2014.

From Old Moor & Dearne Valley nature reserves in England:

Great Lunch!


23 Aug 2014 7:58 PM

Hello, a tricky bit of each blog I write is the title. I have to think up a new one every time… so, today in our fab cafe we had a great lunch, roasted butternut squash with couscous!

From the Barnsley Birders on Twitter – a juv marsh harrier over the reedbeds/cuckoo tree this morning, 16 black tailed godwits, 2 LRP’s [lesser ringed plovers], 2 golden plover and a greenshank. Most likely Wath Ings and the main Mere for these sightings.

Also from the Barnsley Birders – the little egret roost record was broken again last night with 26 on Old Moor! Here‘s the link with all the details and a few more sightings from today.

Wombwell Ings – a garganey, 7 black tailed godwits and 3 greenshank.

From the book at OM…

Bird Garden – bullfinches, blue tits, a wood pigeon, chaffinches, greenfinches, dunnocks and a robin.

Wath Ings – the previous sightings and a kestrel, dunlin and a kingfisher.

Wader Scrape – 2 lesser black backed gulls, juv shelduck, a yellow wagtail flying over, a common sandpiper, 5 snipe, a shelduck, a stock dove, 3 swifts, a peregrine and a vole was seen near this hide.

Family Hide – a kingfisher, a buzzard, a green sandpiper and a 2 common sandpipers.

A kingfisher was also seen over the Mere and 2 green woodpeckers were seen on the road in and also from Green Lane and the FPW hide.

Field Pool West – a little egret.

Field Pool East – a greenshank

Bittern Hide – 5 little egrets, a stoat, reed warblers, coots, lapwing, kingfishers, a little grebe, a juv great crested grebe, grey heron, a kestrel, 3 LRP’s and pied wagtails.

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