New Philippine tarsier discovery

This video from the Philippines is called Pure Nature Specials – Tarsier Primate – The Littlest Alien.

From Science News:

New subspecies of Philippine tarsier discovered

Tiny, nocturnal primate lives in area threatened by mining

by Nsikan Akpan

5:41pm, August 19, 2014

Genetic tests have spotted a new subspecies of Philippine tarsier, one of the world’s smallest — and arguably cutest — primates. Previously, taxonomists had used physical features, such as body proportion and hair color and length, to determine that there are anywhere between three and seven subspecies of this rare nocturnal mammal. To clarify that confusion, Rafe Brownof the University of Kansas in Lawrence and other researchers recently examined DNA samples collected from tarsiers from across the southeastern Philippines.

The comparison divvied the tarsiers into five lineages, including an unexpected variety on Dinagat Island and the Caraga region of nearby Mindanao Island. Wildlife sanctuaries partially encompass the habitats of the four other lineages, but the realm of the Dinagat-Caraga tarsier has historically lacked protection and is threatened by recent expansion of mining activities, the scientists report August 19 in PLOS ONE.

10 thoughts on “New Philippine tarsier discovery

  1. We as the people of this country should act now to conserve the species that we have, the future generation might never see these beautiful animals. Let’s stop asking the government to do something and fund conservation projects, We can do something, even how small our contributions are if put together it will have a great help in conservation efforts. Let me example myself, whenever I withdraw money from the ATM, I always donate 5 pesos to any conservation groups that the ATM presents, just like the TUNA conservation advocate that I just saw last day.

    We can even ask tourist base businesses to contribute, Being their source of income it is only logical to give something back to the community and I believe doing business is not just about generating profit. Business is about sustaining that source of income, and to sustain that I think companies should also take care of their environment. We can even ask environmental fees from foreign businesses who are going through business registration here. Well that’s one of my ideas.

    We should also educate the people how to take care the environment, This is the best practice that we can do. Educating the people will ensure the conservation practices by environmental groups will not be for naught.


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