‘Nazi spaghetti’ name changed in Taiwanese restaurant

This video from the USA says about itself:

15 September 2014

There’s a restaurant in Taiwan that had a Nazi-themed pasta dish on its menu until recently.

From Alliance News:

Taiwan Restaurant Changes Name Of Its “Nazi” Spaghetti

18 August, 2014 | 2:37PM

Taipei – A Taiwanese restaurant on Monday is to change the name of its “Long Live Nazi Spaghetti” after facing criticism for the controversial naming of its pasta dish featuring German sausages.

Tsao Ya-sin, the 24-year-old owner of the Rock Mill restaurant in New Taipei City, had been using the name since she opened the establishment last year.

“It has caused no problem until yesterday when a TV news team arrived,” she said, referring to local broadcaster TVBS that reported on the restaurant’s taboo-breaking creativity on Sunday.

“We feel so sorry. We will change the name to World Champion as soon as possible,” she stated, saying she will tape over the old name until she gets new menus.

The new name World Champion Spaghetti was chosen in honour of Germany’s performance in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Tsao said.

Both the Israeli and German representative offices in Taiwan complained, stating that the unfortunately named dish revealed considerable gaps in some Taiwanese’s knowledge of European history.

“I admit that I know little about World War II,” Tsao said. “Never had I thought such a name would cause such harsh criticism.”

Walgreens is pulling swastika wrapping paper from its shelves because it’s swastika wrapping paper.

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