Britain’s national bird, new vote

This video is called My UK Wildlife Garden Birds.

From the Vote for Britain’s national bird site:

Two amazing things happened in the 60′s. The Robin was voted Britain’s national bird and…

The surprising thing is; neither has happened since.

Well, all that is about to change. David Lindo (AKA The Urban Birder) feels the Robin’s many decades in power needs to be challenged, so he is fronting a campaign to help find Britain’s new national bird. Running alongside next year’s General Election will be this alternative Election, which we’d love you to take part in.

It’s going to work in two stages. The first vote will be to find the six running candidates. This vote is live now. Simply scroll down, take a peek through the list of 60 worthy nominees and pick the 6 birds that you think best personifies all that this wonderful nation represents. Each of these species has a special place in the hearts and minds of the Great British public.

It’s as easy as that!

When you register to vote you are automatically entered into a free draw. Prizes include a Shetland Wildlife Holiday, top of the range Leica binoculars, Bird Watching Magazine subscriptions and Urban Birder T- Shirts.

The first round of voting will close at midnight October 31st 2014. Thereafter, we will have our final six candidates up for the title of Britain’s National Bird and the voting will re-open.

The question is; will the Robin be knocked off its perch?

5 thoughts on “Britain’s national bird, new vote

  1. I think we should have 2 national birds, the Swan and the Robin.
    They would look great shown alongside Britain’s favourite planes, Concorde and The Red Arrows.
    It may be a bit more English than British with the red and white, but hey, we might be a stand alone country by then anyway.
    Also, as it’s being tied in with the 2015 election, if Nigel Farage wins we could change our bird choice to “The Great Tit” because that’s what every other country will think of us.


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  3. Unsurprisingly, I vote for the magpie! 🙂 Seriously, though, I do think it’s one of Britain’s most beautiful birds, Swans, mallard ducks, and swallows are also personal favourites!


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