Good Dutch woodpecker news again

This video from Britain is called BTO Bird ID – Great & Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers.

The Dutch SOVON ornithologists report about three woodpecker species.

All bird species in the Netherlands are counted now for a new bird atlas edition. The counting will only finish in 2015, but there are already some results about woodpeckers.

In 1998-2000, about 4500-5500 lesser spotted woodpecker couples used to nest in the Netherlands. That is more now.

This video is called Middle Spotted Woodpecker in Lipník nad Bečvou-Loučka (Czech Republic).

The middle spotted woodpecker used not to nest in the Netherlands. Now, there are over a hundred nests, especially in the eastern Netherlands.

The biggest of the three species is the great spotted woodpecker. In 1998-2000, there were 55,000–65,000 couples. That should be more now. The great spotted woodpecker now also lives in the coastal region and on all Wadden Sea islands, contrary to earlier.

Probably, woodpeckers are increasing because the forests are growing and getting older.

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