Snakes counted in British gardens

This video is called Identifying snakes in the UK.

From Wildlife Extra:

Summer stock take of snakes take now underway in UK gardens

A spotlight is shining on snakes in UK gardens with a call from Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) to report if you have spotted a snake on your patch this summer?

The organisation is also asking gardeners to make their gardens “snake-safe” by cutting down on particular types of netting that can be a danger to the animals.

This summer so far has seen a record number of snake enquiries made to ARC. Most reports are grass snakes, which are harmless to people and pets.

This has prompted the “Summer Snake Stock Take” to help judge how snakes are faring in the UK today.

The naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham, one of ARC’s patrons, said: “Snakes are amongst the most beautiful wildlife that we have, but sadly all three of the UK’s species [adder, grass and smooth] are in trouble.

“So if one turns up in your garden it’s a treat. Try to make it feel at home by making a pond or compost heap, and be very careful with any netting you use over the pond or your peas as snakes can become fatally entangled.”

Certain fine netting – especially the kind often used over ponds and to protect peas and strawberries – can be a death-trap for snakes and slow-worms, which are not true snakes but legless lizards.

ARC has published a leaflet setting out easy alternatives to this fine netting, helping gardeners to reduce snake casualties.

Jim Foster, ARC’s Conservation Director, said: “We’d like people to let us know if they’ve spotted a snake in their garden this summer.

“All sightings are useful: we know that snake habitat in the countryside is vanishing, yet gardens could be a backyard back-up plan for grass snakes. Gardeners can use our advice to boost local snake numbers.”

The new advice provides an ID guide to Britain’s snakes, answers to common queries, and facts to dispel widespread myths about snakes.

You can take part in the survey by visiting

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