New bee species discovered on Vlieland island

This video from the USA says about itself:

Meet the Natives: Wild Bees

27 August 2013

Follow University of Wisconsin-Madison Entomologist Claudio Gratton as he studies native bees and their habitats in search of new options for pollinating plants.

Learn more in our related QUEST article.

Warden Arden Bruin reports about discoveries by entomologist Arie Koster about bees on Vlieland island.

After 1980, over forty wild bee species have been seen on Vlieland. Probably there are more, as there has not been that much research.

This year, two species, new for the island, were seen in 2014: European wool carder bee and Hylaeus hyalinatus.

Unfortunately, the moss carder bee was not seen this year, though it had been seen in earlier years.

10 thoughts on “New bee species discovered on Vlieland island

      • No. I only played with bumble bees and honey bees. We had wasps, dirt dobbers, yellow jackets and other bees that are common to me. I used daffodil blossoms to catch bumble bees; I watched till they went down in the flower then closed it and put the whole thing in a 1-gallon glass jug. I was about 5 at the time.


          • I grew up in NC and the 10-acre field where I caught bees was covered with all kinds of bees. Now I am in NJ and I do not see the same number of bees as then. We also do not have the number of starlings, whip-poor-wills, bobwhites, honey bees or bumble bees. I think the pollution is killing off many things. My father kept about 4 to 6 hives but he moved from the mountains of NC to the shore. I will have to say that I do not roam the woods and fields either as I did as a child. I got my hide tanned over the bumble bees; my grandmother found the bees under my chair. They were making a roaring buzz when she found them.


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