ExxonMobil drilling in Russian Arctic, while warmongers monger war

This video from the USA says about itself:

Exxon Mobil Oil Spill 25th Anniversary: Arctic Activist Call

24 March 2014

The 25th Anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill is an important reminder as to why we cannot let that disaster happen in the Arctic. Join Dan Ritzman, Sierra Club‘s Arctic Campaign Director and Rick Steiner, a professor and international oil spill expert involved with the Exxon Valdez oil spill clean-up and restoration on Monday. We’ll celebrate the fact that the Arctic Ocean will not be drilled this summer, and highlight what we’ll do to keep it that way.

Paraphrasing George Orwell’s novel 1984, Oceania … err … NATO was a friend of Eurasia … err… of Russia, until not long ago.

Then, the bloody war in Ukraine marked a shift toward: “Oceania … err … NATO is now an enemy of Eurasia … err… of Russia. Oceania … err … NATO has always been an enemy of Eurasia … err… of Russia.” Both ‘enemy’ sides have nuclear weapons; but don’t mention that, as that would be bad for making people in NATO countries war-minded.

While the pro-war propaganda rages, warmongering politicians don’t allow it to interfere with military industrial or oil industrial profits.

While French President Hollande spews anti-Russian militarist rhetoric, his government keeps helping French corporations to sell warships to Russia.

While British Prime Minister David Cameron spews anti-Russian militarist rhetoric, British corporations keep selling weapons to Russia.

And the wife of Putin’s ex-deputy finance minister, Ms Lubov Chernukhin, plays tennis with Cameron and Boris Johnson, as she had been so kind to pay Cameron’s and Johnson’s Conservative party lots of money for that sporting highlight.

Today, from Bloomberg news agency:

Exxon Drilling Russian Arctic Shows Sanction Lack Bite

By Stephen Bierman and Eduard Gismatullin

Aug 8, 2014 12:03 PM GMT+0200

Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) will start drilling a $700 million well in the Arctic Ocean tomorrow, Russia’s government said, showing that for all the talk of action against Vladimir Putin’s oil industry, the largest U.S. energy company is undeterred.

As Russia’s relations with Europe and the U.S. deteriorated to the lowest point since the Cold war over the conflict in Ukraine, the European Union imposed a third round of sanctions last week, restricting the export of equipment used for offshore oil production. That doesn’t impact Exxon’s plans because the contract to hire the rig was signed before the measures were announced. …

For Exxon, where output fell to a five-year low in the second quarter, a discovery would offer a vital new source of crude.

Since the crash of the Malaysian Airlines passenger plane MH17 over eastern Ukraine, the anti-Russian propaganda campaign in the German press has taken on a new quality. A confrontation with the second largest nuclear power in the world is being ever more openly demanded, with Germany’s leading news magazine Der Spiegel playing a leading role: here.

6 thoughts on “ExxonMobil drilling in Russian Arctic, while warmongers monger war

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  5. VENEZUELAN President Nicolas Maduro said on Monday he was recalling the country’s ambassador to Guyana for consultations over a territorial dispute that has been reignited by oil giant Exxon Mobil.

    The dispute, which stems from Britain’s annexation of the Essequibo region of eastern Venezuela to its then-colony of Guyana, was exacerbated in May when Exxon Mobil announced a significant oil discovery in disputed waters off the province, after Guyana unilaterally gave it permission to explore.

    Venezuela called for a dialogue to settle the dispute according to the 1966 Geneva Agreement between the two nations.

    But the new government of David Granger, elected by just 5,000 votes amid claims of fraud, accused Venezuela of being a “threat to regional peace and security,” echoing US President Barack Obama.

    Exxon sued Venezuela for billions of dollars in compensation after new oil laws were introduced in 2007 requiring foreign firms to become minority partners with state oil company PDVSA.



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