23 thoughts on “Big Pharma not curing Ebola ‘as it only kills Africans’

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  13. As ever, the question has to be, why in these resource rich nations, are their peoples so woefully served; left without basic amenities for daily life and for health care. Someone has all the loot from those diamonds and oil. Why isn’t at least some of it being been invested in these nation’s economies? I know it is silly of me to ask this question. Shareholders are you listening?


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  16. It costs Americans $16 billion a year.

    And it contributes to nearly one in five Americans not filling needed prescriptions.

    “It” is a 2003 law – passed by Big Pharma’s friends in Congress – that actually prohibits Medicare from negotiating drug prices for the 52 million Americans in the program.

    Sign our Fight Pharma Ripoffs petition demanding that Congress allow Medicare to negotiate fair drug prices.

    Price-gouging and patent monopolies are behind Big Pharma’s obscene profits.

    Even so, with its vast purchasing power, Medicare should be able to negotiate lower prices – much lower.

    But Medicare’s hands are tied by the 2003 law that the pharmaceutical industry and its legion of lobbyists in D.C. rammed through Congress.

    And so our nation’s seniors pay at least $16 billion more per year than they would if Medicare could negotiate fair prices with the drug companies.

    And many simply go without medications they need.

    And already rich pharmaceutical corporations get even richer.

    This is not what America is supposed to be.

    Add your name today with Fight Pharma Ripoffs: Tell Congress to let Medicare negotiate with Big Pharma.

    The VA and Medicaid already have the ability to negotiate with the drug companies (which still make a tidy profit, by the way).

    So why shouldn’t Medicare – which serves one out of every six Americans – be able to use this tool to fight Big Pharma’s price-gouging?

    Appalling. Disgusting. Scandalous.

    Choose your adjective.

    But we can’t let this continue.

    Sign the Fight Pharma Ripoffs petition NOW so that Medicare can negotiate with the drug companies.


    The Fight Pharma Ripoffs Team


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