Brown bear saves drowning crow

The Huffington Post in the USA writes about this video:

Bear Saves Drowning Crow, Doesn’t Eat It

By Ed Mazza

08/01/2014 3:59 am EDT

You’re a hungry bear, surrounded by apples and carrots, when a crow wanders into your enclosure and gets stuck in the water.

Dinnertime, right?

Not so fast. Check out what this bear did, in a video that was recorded at the Budapest Zoo last month and posted to YouTube by Aleksander Medveš. Even the crow doesn’t seem to believe it!

14 thoughts on “Brown bear saves drowning crow

    • Once, during a demonstration against nuclear weapons, I saw a jackdaw in danger of drowning. A demonstrator got the bird out, and put it on a ledge, so it could dry its wings.


  1. The zoo thinks the bear was curious rather than altruistic, but then who but the bear would know? The crow is delighted at the outcome regardless of the intentions of the bear.


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