11 thoughts on “Oil fire in ‘new’ Libya, ‘humanitarian and environmental disaster’

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  2. TUNISIA: The country closed its main border crossing with Libya yesterday after hundreds of stranded Egyptians, fleeing violence in Libya, tried to break through.

    Egyptians who had been barred from entering because they had no visa held a protest, raised an Egyptian flag and broke through part of a fence at the Ras Ajdir crossing, prompting Tunisian police to fire tear gas and shoot in the air.

    A Tunisian police officer was wounded by gunfire from the Libyan side of the border.



  3. Ageila Saleh Eissa was unveiled yesterday as the third parliamentary speaker since the Nato-led overthrow and murder of Muammar Gadaffi in 2011.

    He defeated his opponent Abu-Bakr Baeira by 77 votes to 74 in a contest that took place in Tobruk to avoid current heavy fighting in Tripoli and Benghazi.

    Mr Eissa held several judicial posts under Colonel Gadaffi and is accused of being a Gadaffi loyalist by opponents.



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