19 thoughts on “Apartheid against poor London people

  1. Separate entrances are well known in London’s Victorian times, then became more obsolete in the 60s, the hidden ruling elite who control the politicians, generally a body unknown to the average voting public, the controllers decision back in the 60s, to turn the clock back, to one of repression and exploitation, this decision is made by big time bankers such as Rockefeller, Rothschilds, and the lobby group of Jews who have a police association that police have to obey.


    • I most strongly dissociate myself from this anti-Semitic theory. Selfish rich people act as selfish rich people, not as Jews (the overwhelming majority of selfish rich people being non-Jewish).


      • Very well, we have to take into account the statistics of world population or at least the population of the first world of Jews and finance and Gentile finance, also the people who are in power, for instance the Palestinians taking in account the stats, how many Palestinians are in finance? how many are in cultural positions of power?


        • Here, about banks in Palestine:


          Palestine is occupied territory. Not comparable in power to states like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE. Royals from these countries, and the Saudi Bin Laden banking and construction dynasty, are among the richest people in the world.

          On a world scale, most very rich people are Christians of some denomination or other. Do Christian capitalists act like capitalists or like Christians? Most usually, like capitalists. Do Muslim capitalists act like Muslims or like capitalists? Most usually, like capitalists. Same for Jews, Hindus, Shintoists, Buddhists, atheists, etc.


          • I have just contacted one of the banks listed and they say turn 300 dollars into 543 dollars in 15 minutes, are you kidding these banks are a list of corrupt ponzi schemes, I hope you are able to recommend something more legitimate, also I have had this before with you on the Jewish thing, what have you to say at the present situationSaudi Arabia and Bahrain are client states of repressive regimes that America and Britain support, you must know that, can you say what nationality you are? and what genetic line you are in, myself as far as I know I am lower working class stock, born in Stoke Newington, London, as far as I know I am part of the original inhabitants of Britain, that is why you become lower class, the difference between me and the lower working class is I remember and they do not as a general rule.
            I do not intend to become ascending to the middle classes, as I have a morality and culture that differs, also I do not belong to the lower or working class, as I have transcended them, I am putting this in to simple terms as this is more complex than what I am able to offer in this post.


            • My genetic line is the origin of Homa sapiens, in Africa over 100,000 years ago. Homo sapiens evolved, with some intermediate species, from Australopithecus africanus, living in Africa about 3 million years ago.


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