4 thoughts on “Greek cleaning women don’t give up

  1. Greek workers protest in Thessaloniki

    Hundreds of workers protested against the Greek government’s austerity programme at the annual International Trade Fair in Thessaloniki on September 6. The fair is a major political event, where the Greek prime minister traditionally outlines his government’s policy for the coming year.

    Among the workers protesting were firefighters and coast guards.

    Around 5,000 police units were deployed on the streets of Thessaloniki in order to clamp down on protesters, with 43 people arrested.

    Greek health workers protest privatisation plans

    Doctors and hospital staff announced protests this week in opposition to a draft law setting up a new hospital payroll agency, the Hospital Payment Systems Company.

    The doctors are members of the OENGE trade union and walked out from Wednesday noon to protest the measure. A rally, organised by the Athens-Piraeus Hospital Doctors Union (EINAP) and the hospital staff union POEDIN, was held outside the Greek Parliament.

    OENGE said that the creation of the new company marked the state’s “complete withdrawal from public health system funding.”


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