Pro-peace demonstration in Israel this Saturday

This video says about itself:

Footage from the Tel Aviv protest against Israel’s attacks on Gaza – November 17, 2012 – the 3rd anti-war protest in Tel Aviv since the assault began.

From the peace movement in Israel:

Stop the killing and destruction!

Cease the fire, lift the siege, move towards peace!


Saturday, July 19, 2014 at 8:00 pm

Habima Square, Tel Aviv

It is forbidden to shoot at civilian populations. It is forbidden and still it happens. Both sides do it. Hamas shoots on the population of Israel. The IDF shoots at the population of Gaza.

Two equal sides? Far from it. The State of Israel has enormous military and economic strength. With massive financial assistance from the United States the State of Israel built the “Iron Dome” system, a great technological achievement which protects us. Therefore, the missile attacks on Israeli cities are mostly a nuisance. The air raid alarms are irritating, a bit disruptive to the routine of life, sometimes frightening – but not much more.

Gazans have no Iron Dome, no protection whatsoever against the death which falls down on them from the air and the sea and the land. The State of Israel is pounding Gaza, killing and killing and killing. True – The State of Israel has no premeditated purpose of killing innocent civilians, women and men and the elderly and children playing football on the beach. There is no premeditated purpose – but there is a reality. The killing of unarmed civilians in Gaza is going on, day by day and hour by hour. More than two hundred Palestinians have been killed. A large part of them were unarmed civilians, dozens of them were children. And it goes on.

“Why are they shooting at us?” wondered righteously the outgoing President of Israel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. “Why did they not make of Gaza a flourishing Singapore?” But Shimon Peres forgot to mention that the city state Singapore, whose population and size are comparable to those of the Gaza Strip, has the largest ports in the world. There is no one to block thousands of ships from all over world sailing in and out of that port, maintain the flow of trade on which the wealth of Singapore is built. The minuscule port of Gaza is closed and blockaded. The Israeli Navy is ever vigilant to prevent even the smallest vessels reaching it, and shoots at Gazan fishing boats which venture more than a few kilometers from shore. Gaza is a big prison for its residents, nearly two millions of them. The State of Israel and its neighbor Egypt – with whom relationship has tightened considerably since General Sisi seized power – cooperate in imposing the siege on Gaza and hold its population effectively incarcerated, unable to come and go to the outside world. Gazas live on a seashore. They can swim and play on the beach (on days where lethal shots don’t come at them out of the sea). But they can’t get on a boat and sail into the sea, or on a plane flying to destinations around the world. Also the land crossings are almost completely closed. For years, millions of people are locked up in the little, narrow extremely crowded piece of land called the Gaza Strip.

“We imposed a siege on them because they are shooting at us,” say the leaders of Israel. (By the way, the siege on Gaza began long before Hamas took power there). “We shoot because you impose a siege on us. We will not agree to a cease-fire which does not include the lifting of the siege,” say Gaza residents this week (not all of them Hamas members).

There is no point to a ceasefire which would simply restore the situation that existed two weeks ago. The situation of two weeks ago was unbearable – a situation of a tight siege over the Gaza Strip, causing suffering and economic suffocation and extreme poverty for the majority of its inhabitants. The siege of Gaza has spawned several rounds of conflict. Continuation of the siege is a sure recipe for another round in a year or two.

Only the lifting of the siege on Gaza, enabling its residents to come and go by land and sea and air, export and import goods and develop their economy, can open up for them a hope for the future. Only the lifting of the siege can give a chance for peace and quiet on Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip.

On Saturday night Gush Shalom will join with peace and human rights organizations in a protest against the cruel and unnecessary war called ” Operation Protective Edge”. Last week, an earlier demonstration on the same location was attacked by extreme right thugs. Organizers of the current protest have taken precautions to make sure this is not repeated – and of course, what happened will not deter us from expressing our position on an issue vital to our future.

As we were informed, demonstration marshals and stewards will be present on the spot, and anyone intending to come should follow their instructions regarding location, conduct of the demonstration and its dispersal, and refrain from taking violent action from our side.

Contact: Adam Keller +972-(0)54-2340749

Stop the killing and destruction!

Cease the fire, lift the siege, move towards peace!


Saturday, July 19, 2014 at 8:00 pm

Habima Square, Tel Aviv

Uri Avnery on the Gaza war: here.

British Jews fast to call for end to violence in Israel and Gaza. Hundreds across the country expected to fast to show unity in fight for peace in the Middle East: here.

As Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu announced a “significant expansion” of the ground invasion of Gaza “for as long as necessary”, his security forces, police and extremist right-wing forces are also intervening to break up the as yet small anti-war protests, intimidate Israel’s Palestinian citizens and suppress the Palestinians in the West Bank: here.

“Screaming ‘Death to Arabs! Death to leftists!’ … the police allowed them to attack us, to throw stones at us”: here.

Gaza war and natural gas: here.

The Independent Trade Union Centre WAC-MAAN, unionizing Arabs and Jews in Israel, calls on the Israeli government to stop the attack on Gaza. The only livable alternative is a political settlement based on a two-state solution: here.

9 thoughts on “Pro-peace demonstration in Israel this Saturday

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  3. West Bank SodaStream workers sacked

    The Israeli-owned SodaStream factory operating in the West Bank has sacked 60 of its Palestinian employees. The night shift workers were sacked after protests that they were not able to eat after ending their 16-hour Ramadan fast. According to their union, the SodaStream company does not allow workers to bring their own food on to site.

    Striking Palestinians threatened

    Palestinian workers employed in the West Bank industrial zone of Mishor Adumim at the Zarfaty Garage came out on strike at the beginning of the week following the dismissal of their workers’ committee chairperson, Hatem Abu Ziade. They are members of the WAC-MAAN independent trade union.

    On Wednesday, Zarfaty workers on a picket line were threatened with violence by factory owners if they did not dismantle their picket line. They called the police, but when they arrived they arrested WAC-MAAN coordinator, Yoav Tamir and charged him with “inciting Palestinians.”


  4. The Middle East Problem

    Dennis Prager asks an intriguing question. Why can’t the one Jewish state in the world be allowed to exist? Who is he in essence asking? The Arab nations that surround Israel? America? The UN? When observing the behavior of the Moslem nations and then the behavior of the Jewish nation you begin to wonder why the world tends to support the Moslem stand on this extremely straightforward issue. As Prager explains “One side wants the other dead.”
    Watch and decide for yourself


  5. From the Wikipedia article about United States talk radio host Dennis Prager:

    “On November 28, 2006, he wrote that Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, should not be allowed to take his Congressional oath using a Koran because “the act undermines American civilization.”[8] In response, former New York City Mayor Edward Koch termed Prager a bigot and called for an end to his service on the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.[9][10] The Anti-Defamation League wrote that Prager’s position was “intolerant, misinformed and downright un-American.”[11] On December 4, in an interview with Prager, Tucker Carlson also criticized this, saying: “I’m no great defender of the Koran but I’m not sure why America is imperiled by Keith Ellison’s taking the oath on it.””

    By defining conflicts as religious, they become insolvable, and people on both sides become doomed to perpetual war.


  6. © 2014 Intercessors for America

    I guess your beliefs determine how you view everything in life. Maybe Israel is just trying to survive.
    Contrary to headlines, Israel is not at war with Palestinians in Gaza but with Hamas, a murderous Islamist sect whose charter states a determined aim to kill all Jews and eradicate Israel. With the scene changing hourly, it is difficult to keep a balanced perspective. World opinion brands Israel an evil aggressor. Pray for truth to prevail. Hamas leaders’ self-protection makes targets of innocent Palestinians.


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