17 thoughts on “Save London’s Kew Gardens from David Cameron

  1. The closing of pubs and the possibility of London’s Billingsgate Fish market, and market closures, these cultural icons serving not just as support and economic value for the many who make a livelihood but most important the traditional and cultural, social contribution to British society, the destruction of these values by Cameron and the Tory party, is this what the British public wanted?
    The disappointing vision of post war Britain is overwhelming, the leaders of this country seem bankrupt with only negative ideology, the pursuit of money by the Banking fraternity, is not a great vision for the people of Britain, after 2 world wars, we now have to ask the question, what and who was it all for?


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  3. Such an amazing place well worth a visit. Would be a massive loss to loose, unfortunately the government seem intent on destroy any cultural hub in this country. Do you know if there was a petition still online?


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