European bison calf born in new wild Romanian herd

This June 2015 video is about bison released back into the wild in Romania.

From Wildlife Extra:

It’s a boy! New European bison calf thriving in the Southern Carpathians

A herd of European bison released in the Tarcu Mountains of Romania in May would appear to be settling into their new surroundings following the arrival of a new male calf. The latest addition to the herd was born in the night between 13 and 14 June.

In May 17 European bison were transported to the Southern Carpathians from wildlife parks and breeding stations in five countries across Europe, in one of the largest-ever bison reintroduction[s] in our continent, organised by Rewilding Europe and its partner WWF-Romania, supported by the Municipality of Armenís and several Romanian institutions.

The second transportation of bison to this area is now being planned for the end of July this year. These bison will also be kept for a while in an acclimatisation enclosure to get better adapted to their new home.

Once they are released into the wild, the bison will not be fed or handled any more, but instead treated as the wild animals they are, so that they become a full part of their ecosystem.

Rewilding Europe’s ambition is to build up a new, long-term viable, free-roaming population of European bison in the Tarcu Mountains, bringing in hundreds of animals over a 10-year period, and with the intermediate goal to reach around 500 animals by 2024.

Urgent actions for the recovery of European Bison populations in Romania: here.

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