Peace demonstration in Israel tomorrow

This video says about itself:

7 August 2011

On Saturday night, more than a quarter-of-a-million people took to the streets in Israel in the latest show of discontent with the government. That’s after three weeks of protests over the soaring cost of living with activists demanding the Prime Minister steps down.

From the peace movement in Israel:

When The Cannons Roar – We Are Not Silent! Protest at Defence Ministry Tel Aviv Wedn, July 9, at 8pm

(Text of signs: Stop The Killing, Stop The Bereavement, The Occupation Must End, An eye for an eye until all of us are blind.)

Protest at Defence Ministry Tel Aviv Wedn, July 9, at 8pm, initiated by Coalition of Women for Peace
Source Hebrew

Translation follows:

When The Cannons Roar – We Are Not Silent!

Tomorrow July 9, Kaplan Street Tel Aviv, opposite Ministry of Defence

Last month, Israel invaded thousands of homes, arrested more than 600 people, among them women and children.

In recent weeks, we saw mounting day to day violence and racism of the state and its representatives, and thousands of people brought the hatred to the streets of various cities, in a journey of destruction, revenge and violence.

The occupation continues, with its day to day oppression, demolition of houses – of lives.

The government of Israel does not stop for a moment – ruining Hebron, expropriating land in the Negev, violently suppressing popular protests, attacking Gaza.

Israel embarked on another pointless and irresponsible assault at the expense of the residents of the south.

Southern residents and residents of Gaza deserve to live in dignity, free of constant threat and without day to day danger.

Bombs and deaths do not lead to security. They only lead to more bombs and other missiles, and more blood.

Stop militarism, End the Occupation

Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders are sleepwalking to disaster by failing to respond to a new Arab order, writes URI AVNERY: here.

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