15 thoughts on “Elephant rescued after 50 years of abuse

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    Thanks to Dear Kitty for posting this heart-wrenching rescue story. How wonderful that poor Raju gets a second chance at life, God bless his sweet soul and I hope he can get healthy after such suffering.

    His story is certainly a moving one, and the video is composed of still shots with a couple of frames so incredibly touching, but I thought the musical accompaniment was inappropriate to the content and had to mute it.

    Elephants are so majestic and intelligent and to think Raju lived this tortuous existence for 50 years without anyone stepping in to save him is so maddening and sad. Imagine how many other elephants are treated like this in a country where they are supposed to be revered. Check out the link to the rescue for more info and to support their much-needed work in India.

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