Saving a sun bear cub in Vietnam

This video from Vietnam says about itself:

1 July 2014

Rescued from poachers, gorgeous sun bear cub Layla arrived at Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre in June 2014.

From Wildlife Extra:

A sun bear saved from the illegal wildlife trade enjoys special care in a Vietnamese rescue centre

Layla, the sun bear cub rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, enjoys her paddling pool

Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre has just welcomed its newest resident, a five-month-old sun bear cub.

Nicknamed Layla, the tiny 13kg cub is settling into a 45-day quarantine period in a private den in the specially designed cub house.

With a mini paddling pool, fire-hose hammock and low wooden platforms, Layla can explore and play with her coconut, bamboo and rope toys in complete safety.

Layla came to the centre from the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Centre (HWRC) based in the outskirts of Hanoi.

This state-run captive animal facility was set up to house animals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.

Captive Wild Animal Management Advisor Erin Ivory was worried about Layla’s diet and called staff at VBRC for advice. A lack of expertise in caring for bear cubs, led to Layla being fed an unsuitable diet of rice, vegetables and egg.

When she began to have diarrhoea the HWRC agreed to transfer her to the VBRC to ensure she had the best possible long term care and welfare.

Animals Asia Bear Manager Sarah Dempsey said: “When little Layla first arrived at VBRC she was stressed and nervous from the journey.

“After a day of settling into her new den and routine little Layla became increasingly playful and boisterous, starting to make full use of the many new toys and structures in her new home.

“We found she particularly enjoyed her coconut shell hanging mobiles and splashing in her paddling pool. Now on a much more age and species appropriate diet, this gorgeous little sun bear can look forward to future socialisation with other sun bears.

“At the VBRC, we have a considerable body of experience in dealing with moon and sun bear cubs so will be able to provide Layla with the best possible care.”

Another cruel festival halted in Vietnam following public outcry: here.

18 thoughts on “Saving a sun bear cub in Vietnam

  1. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    In lieu of my own Afternoon Video I will pass the honours today to Dear Kitty and her thought provoking and inspiring blog – today a lovely video about a sun bear rescued in Vietnam from poachers. I dare you not to fall in love with Layla and whilst we would all love to see her with her mother in her natural habitat, she is in a safe haven and being cared for. Thanks Dear Kitty.


  2. Beautiful. I look forward to a day when poaching is not a part of our vocabulary. The bear is amazing, so playful and very interested in what’s going on. It also shows the trust established with the keeper. I hope his life is filled with love.


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